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Alan Jones

Code from articles that I have written

Alan Jones

Code from my articles on Medium

Below is a list of some of the articles/tutorials that I have written (mostly on Medium) and example code to go with them.

You can see the whole list of articles in my Medium profile.

Web Visualization with Plotly and Flask

[Sample code and the list of articles is here]

Why use Dash when Plotly plus Flask is easy and more flexible? In the first of two articles I compare a simple Dash app with a similar one constructed from Flask and HTML. I conclude that my version is (from an admittedly biased point of view) easier and more flexible than Dash.

A third article uses the techniques used above to create a stock tracking app.

Sentiment Analysis of Tweets


This is an article on Medium that looks at sentiment analysis using the Python VADER library

Visualizing Twitter Statistics with Python and Pandas


This is an article on Medium that looks at producing stats from the Twitter API

Jupyter and Markdown

[Article] [Code]

Whether you are sharing your Jupyter Notebooks with friends and colleagues or publishing them more widely, they will be better appreciated if they are well laid out and formatted - Medium article.

Python Pandas and SQLite

[Article] [Code]

Using SQLite to store your Pandas dataframes gives you a persistent store and a way of easily selecting and filtering your data

5 Visualization Libraries for Python

[Article] [Code]

Matplotlib, Pandas, Seaborn, Plotnine and MplFinance all have their strengths — let’s get a feel for each of them

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